Naoko is away on Family Vacation!

Howdy everyone!

Naoko’s Onii-chan here! She has informed me to inform you faithful readers of her blog here that she will be away today and tomorrow on an exciting family vacation!

She will only return Wednesday tomorrow night, so don’t fret about her and please do give her a break. She really needed it and I’m sure that once she returns, she’ll be so rejuvenated and refreshed that she’ll be bouncing off the walls and running all over the place non-stop like the Energizer bunny!

So, while she’s away, do amuse yourselves by visiting her archives for a one-of-a-kind “blast to the past” experience and also support her fellow bloggers like myself! ^_^

‘Til she returns, Naoko bids you all adieu and I shall now shut-up and go have lunch…

Ja, everyone! 🙂