Farewell Parties

*Sigh* One of the reasons why I don’t like August and the months running up to Christmas is because good friends and acquaintances leave to study overseas. Yesterday (after a very exhausting week) was the going-away party for Kiyaa, Keiichi and Bunny (all CF forumers/IRC-ians if you didn’t know). I was there primarily for Bunny and Keii as I know them in the chan, whereas Kiyaa’s one of those I’ve seen rarely in the channel but never met.

So yesterday there was a going-away for all three (Keii’s going away next week, the rest will be leaving within the next one to two months), and it was a potluck. I bought one bucket and barrel of KFC, and for once, I was glad that I bought a lot as the food didn’t go to waste. Of course, I’ve shared the cost with Ryu, so it’s not that bad. :p

And because we are dorks… GROUP PICS!!!

(Behind cut for bandwidth)

Group Piccie One!

All from Left to right…

First row: Dimmie, Tuna (pink tee with glasses), Yuhi, Aiko Mui Mui, Dusty, Kiyaa (with Orange hat), Emerson (her boy boy).

Second row: Kiwi, Iluna, Me, Deru (in front of me), Edo (held ransom by Deru XDXD), ElderG (aka Dad), Shun Kor Kor, and at the end, Keiichi.

Third Row (Sitting properly): Bunny, Me, Victor, Heal, Toki (hidden by afro guy aka Praveen), Said afro guy, Ezel.

Last row (aka the REALLY SERIOUS COSPLAYERS): Dai-chan, Kazeki, Yuu-chan, Wild.

Group Piccie 2!

Additions: Lee-kun, and Bento Ben (no, it’s just a joke, he’s not a bento).


Did I miss anyone?

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  1. nice kyo cat hat ^_^ i love fruits basket

    Geminianeyes: LOL. That belonged to one of the other girls. 🙂

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