I went to see the doc for a yeast infection… and was made by her to take the day off.

Now dad wants me to stay at home till end of the year, no going out.

To that, I say: BULLSHIT.

And now.. I sleep.

5 thoughts on “BLEH”

  1. yeast as in external skin infection or internal as in blood stream ?

    anyway , it wont keel you , just make you stronger 😛

    hope you recover soon anyway cause they are very irritating

  2. ohh … externally … if it itchy or anything , try not to scratch it . instead apply hot water on it . you know those rubber bag that you pour hot water into it and it become hot itself . what is those thing call ah ? thermos bag ah ?

    anyway , yeah I once lost a patch of my leg hair due to fungus infection . thanks to my itchy hand keep scratching it .

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