According to my doc… I’m anemic. I’m also supposed to stay away from sugar.

Anyone have any suggestions? Sol’s already suggested things like eating two eggs a day (frying them in butter though), eat more spinach, etc. Anyone have anything else to suggest?

Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Definitely need more fruits and veggie! Cut down on the meats. Best fruits to have are those that are not very citrussy. Veggies – yes, Sol is right, go for spinach but also give lettuce, celery and ginger a go. Stay away from bittergourds, pumpkins, cucumbers and brinjals.

  2. anything with iron … I cant remember which one thought . will get back to you as soon as I remember

  3. No, no, load up on the meat – beef, especially. This is where you’ll get your iron. Even the Red Cross recommends you eat lean beef for at least a week.

    Also, iron tablets are your saviour.

  4. ACK! *Hugs!*

    Also, broccoli.

    ..With cheese to make it edible.

    *Now fears that he may someday have to roll Pat to the places she wants to go*

  5. actually, cheese is loaded with salt and sometimes causes constipation.

    other than that, tis no worse than butter and has 4 grams protein + 5 grams fat per slice.

    bon appetite!

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