Things that keep me awake

Such as Menj.

No, not awake as in the outraged and tossing and turning.

I mean awake at work where I’m so sleepy, all I have to do is read his blog, be outraged, and my sleepiness is forgotten. Never underestimate the triviality of some people.

On another note, here’s another comment I left on his blog. While I agree that education (when done properly) is a life saver, why do I feel that his latest post would be about education and leaning wayyy too much to one side?


Ezekiel 23 as you mentioned, was God’s punishment to the Israelites and the Jews for turning their backs on him and selling themselves. It is meant as a warning to those who worship the Lord.

I fail to see what this has to do with turning people away from religion, unless you mean:

1. The text is too strongly worded for you (eg “breasts” and “losing your virginity.”)
2. You are reading bits and pieces of it and not taking it as a whole.

If you read through the whole of Ezekiel, you would know that like the Hadith and Koran, it is meant to be taken as a whole and not piecemeal.

Enlighten this “Ignorant Kafir” on what you think her religious book is trying to say.

Of course, if this comment disappears (like the one I posted that we’d met before), then at least I know I’m right.

Of course, if anyone can give me a different meaning, please do. One of the benefits of people like Menj is that they make people like me dig deeper into our religion to understand it better. I’d say that was a good thing, no?

9 thoughts on “Things that keep me awake”

  1. This MenJ guy just got his a*s PWNED in some forum recently where the people are allergic to his bullsh*t.

    Just don’t ask me which forum.

  2. Hmm…I did not sense the right temperament from your reply. If only you get what I mean, of course. Internet ambiguity?

  3. o_O Ok Edmund… I’m really confused now.

    And with regards to your first comment on this… Maybe I should have put it this way:

    *Laughs* I’m not surprised.

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. *headdesks*

  4. No, no offending here, Offendi.

    I’m staying WELL the heck out of this to avoid pissing YOU (And possibly other, lesser people) off with my views. No big!

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