Recipe for mediocrity (aka Honeyed Cheese Omelette):

2 Eggs
Some honey (in my case I got some from a hotel- Blue Gum Honey from Mandarin Oriental)
1 small block of unsalted butter (Fernleaf and from another hotel, you know the ones in the small containers they serve at breakfast?)
1 slice of cheese (Sol is so going to kill me)

Break one egg, then take a dollop of honey and beat until you no longer feel the heaviness that’s the honey (this honey had been kept in the fridge). Then break second egg, mix with the first, and beat again. If you want it to be extra sweet, then add more honey, but personally I think one dollop’s enough.

Set aside.

Heat pan and then toss in the unsalted butter. Make sure that the pan doesn’t have any water and neither does the butter, or else you’ll cause it to smoke. If it does, lower fire immediately and holding the handle, twirl the pan so that the butter coats the surface. (Note: Best done with long handled skillets/frying pans, whichever you prefer). Toss in eggs and you should hear that satisfying frying sound.

While eggs are still liquid, throw in the cheese. This can be done two ways; either you put the slice of cheese into the center of the egg and then cover the cheese from the sides (making a sort of pocket) or else, do what I do. Tear slice up and throw them piece by piece into egg, and then scrambling it. Note that this has to be done very quickly, so that both cheese and eggs do not get get burnt. DO NOT PUT SALT.

When done, take out and serve. Unfortunately mine leaves a lot to be desired. (Pics behind cut for bandwidth).

Reason why I should not cook 1

Reason why I should not cook, 2

And finally… me and Yoghurt for sheer randomosity. 🙂


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