Malaysian Jakuns

There are some times when I wish I was born a guy. Or that I had taken Martial Arts classes. Or that I had the courage to just whack the shit out of a person. And no, this is not a religious issue. I wouldn’t want to smack that smart aleck in real life; he’s practising his freedom of speech, as am I and those whom he’s managed to successfully turn against him. Though he does make me feel like whacking something whenever I come across his blog.

No, the jakuns I’m talking about are the ones no one dares to take any action against them because everyone is afraid of them. They’re the little kings whom everyone is afraid of because these people act in groups and their targets are ALWAYS girls. I’m talking about the jakuns who like to wolfwhistle whenever they see a girl walking by. The ones who seem as though they have NEVER seen a female in THEIR ENTIRE, SAD LIVES. Yes, they’re everywhere, and people are afraid to speak up to them for several reasons:

  1. They’re often in groups, which gives these bullies courage
  2. They always target groups with no males around, or with someone that looks like they’ll ignore them
  3. They’re often at a distance, and they think no one would want to walk anywhere near them

Is it any wonder why I lost patience with them this evening? I was walking from my house to the office, to see how long it would take me, and decided to use the playground where I used to play, mainly because not only was it the fastest way (even if I walked around it) but out of nostalgia. These kids (none above 18, I think) first said,” Wei ade amoi,” (aka Hey, there’s a chick!) and then they started wolf-whistling. I lost my cool and screamed, “Jakuns! Tak pernah nampak perempuan ke?” which means, “Jakuns, haven’t you seen a girl before?” and it degenerated from there. I walked away, but not before feeling fear that they might try to follow me and attack me. I put the keys in between my fingers and wondered whether I should use the 100plus bottle in my left or right hand.

While walking, I wondered if I had overreacted, and came to the conclusion that I did. However, deep within was also this seething anger that people like these would make people like me feel like dirt and cheap. At the same time, I was very embarrassed. If their mother saw this, what would she feel? What would any person field? NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE TRASH.

When I walked home, I had to use that route as I was already horribly late, and my stupid pride would not let me admit that these jakuns had intimdated me. So I did, and lo and behold, they were still there. This time, they tried to first provoke me by making sounds like animals who didn’t know how to talk, which amused me greatly. If you don’t know how to speak properly, don’t say anything. Then they began shouting stuff I didn’t pay attention to, and finally they began wolf-whistling and jeering. I counted to three, and then I showed them the finger. That made them happy (their tone changed) and I breathed a sigh of relief, for they were now joking instead of threatening, but I hated it. Mainly because something told me that if I had not done that, they would have followed me back home and maybe harrassed me.

I know that it’s better to ignore this kind of behaviour but think a moment.

How would YOU have felt if it was YOUR sister/girlfriend/friend/mother?

For those who had done it… WHY did you do it?

Oh, and by the way, don’t get the impression that only Malays do this. The Chinese and Indians are no better.

What a way to celebrate Indepence. Which is in a few weeks time.

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Jakuns”

  1. I never whistle at passer by before , but I do whack the shit out of someone whistling at random girl .

    btw , these peoples have attention deficit thingy , the best you can do is glare at them . if you fight back , they will do indecent thing to you , if you ignore they will kacau you even more .

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