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So I’m writing things in writely, and I’m going to see if the Keyboard shortcuts normally used in Word will also work:

Lalalalala! Oooo! This is nice. No more pressing ctrl+b for bold and getting bookmarks instead (sorry WP).

What makes it even more pretty and interesting is that Google doesn’t try to tie you down when it comes to blogging. For instance, we all know that Blogger is Google’s answer to blogging, and it’s really a nice introduction to blogging. However, once you’re done with blogger, you kinda want to move on, and I knew that sold me on them when they made the import feature from Blogger. I love my blogger account, and I still visit it once in a while. 🙂


You see, I accidentally pressed CTRL+C and this lovely little LJ Icon appeared, showing the lj-user Icon. Did I mention that it showed me the whole picture of the LJ icon?

But this seems to be a bug. If I underline something, it stretches the page, even when I end the tag. Hmm… I wonder if it will show in my next post? Cause if it does, this would be irritating. Let’s see, shall we?

Edit: This seems to happen only in the edit box and not in the actual post, which still makes it annoying. Now, I wonder if my changes will appear as a new post, or as an edited one?

Edit 2: It also allows me to republish without comeing out with a new post. WHEE!! AND TAGS! 😛

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  1. The most important part is that documents are sorted like in Gmail. So you’ll NEVER have to remember where you put the file again. It’s all in one place, and finding it is as simple as pressing search! 😀

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