Tsumetai Yoru Lyrics- Ouran Host Club

Taken from here. Kyouya… spectacles, hint of evilness (who am I kidding, he IS evil!) bishie, and omg… so SO MY KIND OF GUY! *Will stop with the fangirling now*

I love your guys. Please note… THIS IS NOT MY TRANSLATION!

Tsumetai Yoru

tsumetai yoru no tsukiakari ni terasarete
utsushi dasareru machi no kage ni kakureta

shinjirareru mono nante
mou nani hitotsu nai to
yukikau hitogomi no naka
MONOKURO no sekai ni
unazuite ita keredo

kizuitanda kimi no kotoba de
ashimoto ni yorisou hana hitotsu

kowaku nante nai to
iikikasu yo ni
aruki dashita…

shizukesa dake ga
boku no mune wo umetsukushi
nozomu koto nado
shirazu ikite kita no ni

utagau koto no imi sae mo
mou wakaranakute
yugandeku machi no naka ni
tadashisa wo kanji
nagasarete ita keredo

kimi no kotoba de
ashimoto ni yorisou
hana hitotsu

kowaku nante nai to
toki wa susumu…

* repeat

Cold Night

Illuminated by the cold night’s moonlight,
I hid in the shadows projected by the town

Thinking there was not a single thing
left to believe in,
Among the crowds coming and going
in the monochrome world,
I bowed my head

I realized, from your words
The single flower nestled against my feet

As if to insist
that I’m not afraid
even if I lose,
I walked forward…

With only silence
filling my heart,
I have lived until now
never knowing desire

Not even understanding
the meaning of doubt anymore,
Feeling righteousness
in the distorting town,
I was simply swept along, but

*I realized
from your words,
The single flower
nestled against my feet

Even if I insist
that I’m not afraid
of losing,
Time will go on…

* repeat

Note: The “lose” in the fourth and final verses indicates losing someone/something important, not losing at a game or competition.

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  1. lovely. sometimes, nowadays, i am led to believe that without pain, there would be no beauty, no true happiness in this life.

    funny, ain’t it?

  2. Aww! That was kind of sad.. It doesn’t seem like Kyoya and at the same time.. This is probably more that hidden side of him that we don’t know much about yet.. 🙁

  3. wow thanks a lot. i’ve been wondering for so long what was this song talking about since it sound so sad. Tamaki’s song sound kinda sad too but it turn out to be the opposite ha ha love his song anyway.

    i didn’t espect to see Kyoya’s solf and weak side but then after watched espisode 24 i started to understand him. this song goes really well with his mood ^ ^

  4. Kyouya is fluffeh and Haruhi saw this very well =^^= I have no idea what is so attracting in him as I rather went moe over Tamaki or even the twins but it’s Kyouya who landed on my desktop on a wallpaper. Strange, ne? O_o?

  5. ^.^; It made me cry the first time I heard it. I was like IT’S…SO…BEAUTIFUL!!! -sob- I felt like the Ootori family when Tamaki was playing piano.

  6. Lol! Arigato, Naoko Kensaku.

    When I first started watching I absolutely LOVED the twins. I loved Tamaki but I never really went crazy over him. Just The twins and Hunny. Oddly enough, Tamaki was my first desktop wallpaper. =P
    His puppy eyes get me every time! Lol.

  7. …………………………….*deep, dreamy sigh* that’s so…..deep……. he’s talking about tamaki isn’t he? ¬¬#

  8. oi, I love this song and I love Kyoya~`!
    the lyrics are beautiful and Kyoya’s voice made me shiver!! *.*
    I’d be disappointed if it was about merits, after all, Kyoya did fall in love with Haruhi and, in my opinion, he’s the best created character in this anime.

  9. Love it, this song is so pretty and …i dont know hot to explain it…

    Kyoya is the best character in the serie

    And Nuriko, Kyoya dont fall in love with haruhi, he love Tamaki, in the chap 23 (i think O.o) honey-sempai has say that Kyo-chan dont know but he love somebody the same with kaoru (kaoru loves hikaru and kyoya tamaki, but kyoya know that the baka of tamaki love haruhi so he just let them be…)

  10. Yes, Umi. He’s talking about Tamaki. Without him, he wouldn’t have been able to become the person he is. He’d be far more rigid and traditional. Infact, without Tamaki, he wouldn’t even have batted an eyelash at something like a host club. But Tamaki lets him relax and be himself. So he basically owes his ability to surpass his brothers and let go of his father’s hold on him to that flamboyant blond ^_^

    And for those who think this is OOC, Kyouya doesn’t love money. He’s just a business man. He was raised to be professional.. but if you watch any episode about him (like 17, 24 or even 25, even though it’s not really about him) that he’s not a very happy person. The host club makes him happy and helping his friends makes him happy… and Tamaki. I’ll admit, he’s like.. in love with Tamaki. I like Tamaki and Haruhi and all, but come on.. Kyouya loves Tamaki.. whether romantic or just a brotherly sort of like (not the TWINS’ version of brotherly love) I’m not sure. But he does love him, certainly.

    So I think this song is extremely accurate to him. It shows sort of his transformation from the soft, quiet, traditional person he was raised to be in the verses and then how powerful and moving Tamaki made him in the chorus (he goes from slow, soft, and sad to loud, powerful and full of emotion). It’s a beautiful song and I’m glad I got to read the translation. I know limited Japanese, but I had sort of figured out the general meaning of it. Even better to know what it actually says, even though I was pretty close ^_^

    I apologise for this comment being marked spam (I have no idea how Akismet marked it so) but I would just like to say THANK YOU for your comment.

  11. gosh!!! XD!!! i have searching for the song’s meaning for…let’s say….months!!!! the meaning is so deep!

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