Will redo on winamp…


open music player, select shuffle, write down what song comes up for each question, yadda yadda.
For winamp songs…

Opening credits:
Higher and Higher (Rave Opening song)

Leading Change- Juwita Suwito

Waking up:
Doki Doki Waku Waku (Saitou Ayaka)- about going on a new adventure. How appropriate!

Dang ni gu dan ni hui xiong qi shui – Nicholas Teo
I have this song because it’s relaxing. o_O

Average day:
Starting Up- You’re Under Arrest! Opening song (Anime). Why am I getting so many wake up songs?

Rain- Siam Shade
Now this is appropriate. I love the rain. And it has a nice upbeat tempo. 🙂

First date:
I am- Hamasaki. O_o

Scarlet- Iwao Junko

Falling in love:
Guilty Beauty Love (Miyano Mamoru)- Character image song about feeling guilty about falling in love with someone as beautiful as one’s self. Meant to sound full of yourself. HAH!

Through the gate- Kajiura Yuki
A song about travelling to different worlds… strangely appropriate.

Fight scene:
Life- (Siam Shade)- THE HECK???
*Presses next*
Rising Sun- Original Version (Dong Bang Shin Gi) – Ok, I’ll admit I’ve been planning fight scenes to this song.

Bitter Fruits- Ryosuke Neriki

Croatian Rhapsody- Maksim

Breaking up:
Broken Wings (Melkaba)* How appropriate. (WHOEVER IS READING MY MIND STOP THAT!)

Sakura Kiss for Strings
-_-” Considering the original song about falling in love with someone…

Getting back together:
Itsumo Gawa Ni- Morinozuka (Ouran anime) image song. It’s about protection. Bweh???

Being- Kotoko
I have no idea what this song means.

Secret love:
Numb/Encore- (Jay-Z/Linkin Park) -ok… this is hilarious

Purest of pain- Son By Four
… Too true.

Life’s okay:
Sakuranbo Kiss (Kotoko) – … OS-Tan “Troubled Windows” animation song.
Small of Two Pieces (Xenosaga 1) – o_O

Loop- Tsubasa Chronicles’ Opening
O_o A very hopeful love song, and in spome ways about losing the one you love and finding them again. This brings back memories.

Mental breakdown:
Tsumetai Yoru – Masaya Matsukaze (Ouran- Kyouya’s song) … How true. (Translations on my blog, Ti ;p).

Sora- UVERworld
I like this song… and since this genre describes the state of my brain if I have a mental breakdown, it’s appropriate.

Guilty Beauty Love… Again. I need to do this proper on the winamp.

*Presses next*
Evolution- Hamasaki. Why are all the songs sleepy songs?

This Is Love- Utada Hikaru
Now this is a song I can dance drive to.

Deep thought:
A BoA song that I cannot remember the title, but it’s soothing and reflective. Perfect.

Quasi Charleston for Violoncello and Piano- Ouran Background music
HAH! An instrumental. Perfect.

To be free- Stella Furst. O_o Oi stop sending mixed messages will you?

Open up your mind- Mirai

Moderato Marciala for

El Shaddai

Happy dance:
Shake Me Down- Siam Shade. Hah.

Ruthless- Kajiura Yuki

Tsubasa- Fiction Junction Kaori
o_O So slow one.

The powerful Motor Rhpasody… which is weird. (Again from Ouran OST)

Eccentric Girl- DNAngel
o_O Ok…

Long night alone:
Introduction and Waltz for P. Uh huh. I’m supposed to go dancing?

Kingdom of Rock- Dave Rodgers.
Ok… if I have a long night alone, I need to dance.

Death scene:
Eternally (Utada Hikaru). Considering the imagery evoked by this song reminds me of breathing…. that’s true.

Part of a fool- Juwita Suwito
… *Rolls on the floor laughing* Yes, this is perfect.

Funeral scene:
Starting up. I’m starting a new one.

Last Alliance, SHISSOU. Ouran ending song. WTF?

A Song is born- Ayumi Hamasaki
I’d say this is appropriate, wouldn’t you?

Closing credits:
Brand New Day, BoA. HAHAHAH!

Two Wings- Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair