Money matters

If there is anything I can’t stand, it’s hypocrites. More specifically, my mother.

I understand her worries regarding me and my money, but I am also highly annoyed and pissed off when it comes to how I manage it.

When I was much younger, they often made noise at me going out, often turning my requests down with the statement that they weren’t going to give me money. I found my way around that via working, and getting money for myself.

That, I think, has annoyed mom to no end. Am supposed to go out makan, and mom makes noise that I’m spending too much money. Unlike my brother, I have access to my money and my parents only to my books (let’s not talk about ASB, shall we?). I WILL go home for dinner if there was any at home, but when I am told to fend for myself and I choose to get some friends to join me for dinner, she makes noise at that. WTF? I’d rather eat dinner with my friends than to eat dinner alone and stand the risk of some random person trying to pick me up or something.

Mom wants me to make this the last time. I told her that we would see.

Damnit… need to move out soon.

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  1. *hug hug* sometimes I wonder if it make them happier for them to be able to make us angry and sad . my mom alway laught at me after she successfully make me angry .
    I so want ot slap her … really really so

    when are you moving ? how thing are going ?

  2. *Groan!*


    You’re 21! You’re not her dog with a leash which she can rein in anytime she wants! How can she do that! You’re not her property either, she doesn’t own you. Tell her she cannot own you. You’re her child yes, but that doesn’t give her rights to lord over you once you’re pass 18.

    I know the desire to move out is getting stronger and stronger with each passing clash with your mom. But just hang in there while you continue to save up, k. Use your heart, not your head and think things through very, very thoroughly.

    As always, I’ll support you through everything just as you’ve shown me support in my darkest days.

  3. and ‘spo-sing said random person iz liek, a Leonardo Di Caprio, or Brad Pitt..surely u still dont want him, RITE?

    LOL *very tickled*

    find a way to move out. see if any girlfriends wanna set up ur own commune. oh, and c 2 da security [[wry smile]]

  4. Thanks ‘Nii-chan. I really appreciate it.

    And no, I don’t want them, Sol. Of course, if it were Kurama, Hakkai, or *le gasp underaged bishie* Satoshi sama it’d be another matter. >

  5. I understand that there are limits to us taking too much shit from our parents. But if one will ask you of why you would wanna move out, have you ever ponder that why you would not? Have you ever thought of reconcilation? Or would you tell others that the reason that you moved out is because you hate your mother?

    You can try moving out if you want to. Heck, you might just be able to make your parents come begging to you on their knees just to tell you that they are always wrong and you are always right. Who knows, right?

  6. Aoi: …. *Throws book*

    Sol: Hah!

    Ed: I will tell them that. I can’t stand living with her anymore. I’ve tried to understand her, tried to talk to her, tried to reconcile with her, but she’s never seen me as anything more than a little pup to be pulled when she needs something. I will not stand for emotional abuse any longer. Not from her or anyone else.

    If I’m right, I’m right. If I’m wrong, then tell me where I went wrong so I may rectify it. Don’t give me bullshit that just because you said one thing you have the right to change your mind later when you find your promises too inconvenient to keep. If you will hold me to my word, then parents or not, I have the right to hold you to yours.

    Why should I treat them like adults when they are the children?

  7. most of the time it is useless to talk to parent . they are too hell bend on their way . they think they got children they live longer than us , they understand everything … I hate them alot … well I thanks them for what they have done for me but sometimes enought is enought

    I use to try to talk to my mom that her way is her way everyone have their own way . she just laught at me and say IM stupid -_- … whatever lah

    nao > dont throw at me so fast la , throw at me when you merajuk or something lah after I move in with you 😛

  8. I pats lots. (Mind the grammar. It’s an MSN thing)

    As much as I’d empathise with you about your mum, let’s always remember that she cares for you. Perhaps, doesn’t know the best way to show that she does.

    All the best with her. :o)

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