Ramblings… 1?

Gwargh. Tiring week.

Suffice to say that this week I overspent. Need to keep a tight rein on my money for the next few weeks before I can think of spending again.

On several random notes:

– I see why people loathe Yuyu Hakusho the Animation. It sucks. BUT I LOVE THE SONGS!! (Found a website for them, so if you want it, lemme know)

– I downloaded GunBound. Missed the game after hearing about it from Geoff and reading a VGCats comic on it.

– Couldn’t donate blood due to low blood pressure. Since I just had my period last week, this contributed to it.

– I want more Morning Crew songs. Anyone know where they can be found?

– I read some of my old fanfics. While I deplored the writing styles, I realised that Sukina and Naoko were far more kickass then. Damnit how did they become Mary Sues? *Goes back to writing*

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  • I’ve gone ga-ga over a couple of new animes shown on Animax – God(?)Save Our King, Alice Academy and The Law of Ueki. So many shota!! *Died and gone to Shota-con heaven*

  • what you bought that caused your money tightness , other than the bicycle

  • Lord Zhilbar

    *Hopes Naoko’s boyfriend won’t get the choppy-chop as part of the writing!*