Work was crazy. No, not the boss. No, not the customers.

Just… the load! First, 50 emails per person came in. Then the call queue…

For some reason this happens only when a certain sup is in town. Argh my head.

5 thoughts on “INSANITY!”

  1. hahaha.. wow ur reply on my post is like almost instant.. O_O” are u like constantly on the com? lol btw can u add me on msn? mark13383 AT hotmail DOT com
    take care ^^

  2. hey babes, ahaha…. you forever damn lot of complaints wan la! but your job does sound bit over la… chill k babes, not good to die young… šŸ™‚

    anyways, i’ve got a favour to ask from you, bit shy to ask right out loud in here la, think you can shoot me an email? you got my mail add right?

  3. Mark: LOL. It was more or less weird timing. XD

    Aoi: Nah… this one’s not in the head.

    Em: HAHA! Yes, I know. Isn’t that blogs are for though? When are you moving to And emailed you, dear. *Huggles*

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