Writing meme!

Edited for spelling.

1) Keyboard or biro?

PC, though I do feel nostalgic for both the keyboard and the notebook. I still write in the notebook from time to time, but it’s rare. I only do it if I’ve gone to a place with no computers in sight, or if I feel too lazy to bring Cruizy out (my 1 gig thumbdrive). I miss my old typewriter (I actually had an electronic one where I typed things out, no kidding, at least till my bro killed the caps locks).

2) Beta or no beta?

Eto… No. I’m a sucker for punishment. I just throw my works out into the water, and in many cases, the non-fiction ones ALWAYS needs a bit more polish… whereas the fiction ones need more clarification. I need to remember that not everyone is familiar with Naoko and Sukina. (Hey!)


Hmm… BAD. I’m bad at naming them. Either that or I give wayyy too fanciful titles.

4) Smushy or smutty?

Both. XD But I have yet to write a proper smut fic though. Mainly cause I go too red in the middle. I think I DO have one though… but that was the result of RP. *pokes her first fingers against each other* Does that count?

5) Summary?

Nope. Just sounds too cliche though.

6) Funniest fic?

My first two, three fanfics?

7) Most popular fic?

Hmm… Crystal Rose. It was a Yuyu Hakusho fanfic with OCs, but apparently one of the reasons it got so much traffic was that people LIKED my first Yukina fic…which was surprising. Then again, there was a dearth of Yukina fics, and I daresay mine was one of those who at LEAST attempted proper grammar and spelling.

8) Most Fun to Write?

Hmm…. That would be The Awakening. I finished it the fastest, but it was also kinda fun.

9) Best and Worst?

Best: Pre-Moving to Cyberjaya days. I had CLEAR vision of where I wanted my girls to go, and they were so much more fun and human.
Worst: AFTER that. It seems to have zapped my creativity.

10) Coulda Been Contenders?

Nano-05. Some are starting to sound like bad mary sues, but the fact that they have so much backstory makes me happy.

11) Strengths?

Settings… characterisation.

12) Weaknesses?

Finishing it.

13) Dirty little secrets?

I don’t do betas? I rarely do them, if ever, so yeah, plot holes abound.

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  1. Ahhhh finishing my fics are also a huge “weakness”. Its so sad when you can’t finish something that could’ve been great.

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