Another Music Meme!

Ok, this is a simple one, just to freak you all out. XD

1. Open Music Player and Set to shuffle.
2. Pick a song of your choice.
3. Let it play, then let the shuffle do it’s work!
4. Tag at least 4 people to do this.

And now it begins!

1. What was the song you chose and why?
Ayumi Hamasaki- A song is born
Random choice of the IRC-ers.

2. Your next weekend will be….
Maki- Memories
o_O Oh… kay.

3. What does tomorrow bring?
Utada Hikaru-Eternally
Gods I hope that doesn’t describe work tomorrow.

4. Today’s theme song.
Final Fantasy-Abyss
Yes, that was what today felt like.

5. Getting married, you’ll think of your partner thus.
The pillows-The third Eye
So my spouse is psychic?

6. Making a commitment is much like..
Utada Hikaru- Passion
Hmm… makes sense, in a weird kind of way.

7. Falling in love brings this to mind.
Megumi Hayashibara – Reflection

8. Six months from now, your life will be…
The London Philharmonic Orchestra Plays The Music Of Pink Floyd – Brain Damage
I hope that’s just a metaphore.

I tag Ti, Onii-chan, Dimmie, and Luc. ^_^

And that’s it!!! Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Another Music Meme!”

  1. Not at home right now but I’ll get to it as soon as I do!

    Just a question though, each question is the song that played right? 8 questions = 8 songs? 🙂 Sorry, bit the blur lah…that’s what working in a cafe in front of a lappie for the last 6 hours straight can do to you. *sigh!*

  2. Oh, didn’t want to coop up at home and just needed to be at a place where I know people exists. Just needed to know that I’m not all alone in this world…that kind of feeling will creep into you if you’re living by yourself in a spacious condo like mine.

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