Firefox 2, Developer’s Build

Is simply smexy.

First things first. This is a developer’s build, so there are still quite a lot of bugs for them to fix. That said, it’s certainly on usability side. Right now though, there seems to be a little hint of a lag, but it’s certainly much faster than my previous Firefox (v. 1.0.7). There’s also no real lag when it comes to using shortcut keys and opening the program itself, so it’s now easy on the eyes. Resource usage has been cut down to half compared to previous Firefox installations.

The best part is, I’m one of those people who like to type and can misspell cause I’m not looking. Firefox 2 takes care of that, by building a in-line spell checker for you. Since I’m using Writely, this is one of the better features cause I don’t have to enable the spell checker in Writely (cause it’s off by default and I kinda like to keep it that way). It also checks my spelling off writely, and is simply
The part that has me wishing I could make love to it though is a feature that is finally INBUILT into Firefox after all these years:

Restored tabbing.

How many times have you closed a browser tab and cursed cause you forgot to save it? Firefox 2 takes care of that, by allowing you to restore the tabs. This is done through two ways:

> Clicking on the file name in history
> Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T. The more you press, the further back in history it goes, and the more tabs it opens.

Only Cons I can see so far:

My two themes: glowywine and Black Max Japan are not supported by the latest build (which is for Firefox 2).

No portable FF.

Since I prefer a minimalist Firefox anyway, this doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll wait till the bugs are ironed out before I update my current FF portable on lil Cruizy to FF2.


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