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  1. The frustration of your first few jobs is the apprehension that you will accept it all and become an Office Drone for the rest of your life. Student life offers much more time and opportunity for expression, and jumping from that to office work can be a real downer.

    Dissatisfaction is good in a way; it proves you aren’t a robot. The real question is, what role do you really want?

    I’ve created my ‘dream job’ and now have to live with the harshest critic of all – my own expectations.

  2. Hey…

    People grow out of fanfiction (I did). Or of writing styles. Or of anything really. It’s called “growing up”. Interests change, things change.

    I was also frustrated that my writing’s been up-and-down lately, mainly because I haven’t had the time to develop it as much as I want. But there’s other things in my life now…perhaps someday I’ll get a story done, who knows.

    As for the job: try not to let it get to you. Channel [V] was making me feel really apathetic and heartless too (ironic, since I’ve given them my heart a few years ago) and I eventually left because I didn’t like the person I was becoming. See if there’s something else you can do besides this job. Volunteering somewhere (that usually helps), some hobby, a club. Feel free to experiment – that’s how you find what you really want to do. Take risks. And have fun.

    it’ll be all good in the end.

    *hugs hugs*

  3. I get the apathy, hon. I really do; I’ve been feeling it for awhile. One of the reasons I’m so determined to get out of my current physical abode when I’ve got a little more saved up; change of scenery usually helps. Finding something you value, something you want, can really help…

    And Zhilbar’s exceedingly sad to hear that his darling is not who she wishes to be! Hmm.. Perhaps placing her in some kickass situations might help?

    We could both see Naoko as a vampire hunter or something.

  4. Aoi: It’s working now.

    Kman: EH?

    Jinja: That’s the thing. I used to want to do nothing but write, but being in the slump I’m in right now, even that’s not an option.

    Ti: *Hugs* Thanks dear. Will keep that in mind.

    Zhil: To both of you: LOL! But it has some merits.

    Naoko: ….

  5. Puhlease…you think you’re in a rut? Me too you know, you’re not the only one. I do, however, take comfort in knowing that somewhere out there in the world, others might be having a much more tougher time than what I am going through.

    You’re still what…21, 22? Don’t worry about the future so much, I always do that and it’s not getting me anywhere. Think of the here and now because for now, that’s all that matters.

    Cheer up, be glad you have a job and its paying you on time! Others may not get that privilege.

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