Notes For Nano

I think this Nano I shall attempt to focus on only one character instead of three. Would also give me the time to persuade Sukina to speak more and figure out exactly what it is that Kishan wants to tell me. He’s been far too quiet for his own good.

And yes, this also means that Sugar High Muses is on hiatus until further notice. Sorry guys. For the first time, I think I’m also going to be skipping a prologue. I think it would be easier to start it off straight. Thanks to labby, I have a few ideas; mainly from her avatar (Lab’s, I mean). Main plot of this story will be:

Each generation carries the fruits of sins and the memory of its victories. When these come home to roost, what does one girl who’s been ignoring her heritage do?

Chapter 1- Moonlit Raid
Introduction to Naoko as a Squad leader (yes, action chapter). Am also going to introduce perhaps the basic settings of Alin’sa. Either I do it here, or I do it in the next chapter. It is going to be heavily influenced by Marian Zimmer Bradley’s Avalon series.

Chapter 2- Powers that Be
More on the Alin’sa structure. This one is giong to focus on the day-to-day dealings and perhaps a hint of some conflict. Will also introduce Sukina and Kishan as side characters for now.

Chapter 3- Matriarch
Definitely conflict chapter. Naoko loves rilling up the Matriarch council, but here, she’s got to learn why they’re there, and it’s a reminder from Celeste that she’s not the Be-All and End-All when it comes to the Alin’sa and more importantly, her House.

Chapter 4- Jewels
Pretty much to explain the internal structure of the Alin’sa. This will also show the backbone of Naoko’s support in the Alin’sa. One aspect of her formal training, as a Rogue Shikigami Mistress, will also be handled here.

Chapter 5- Destiny
Remember that chapter about the Jewel? Yeah, will most likely write this chapter based on that. Secret agreements are so interesting, no?

Chapter 6- Dreams
Chapter about Sukina. Naoko’s agreement with the Shikigami council comes home to roost.

Chapter 7- Forgotten Memories’s awakening. ‘Nuff said.

Chapter 8- Allies
Hmm… Not quite sure how I want to awaken this chapter, but it should be a long one. Same with Forgotten Memories.

Chapter 9- Lethe and Mnumesone (sp?)
The true consequences of Forgotten Memories comes back and bites really, really hard.

Chapter 10- Angels’ Sanctuary (yes, I was influenced by that series).
Definite filler chapter. Will also deal with otherworldly creatures.

The rest? To be decided. Damnit, I can’t wait for Nano now. Also, since there is Writely… I am going to be writing this in the office. Aiep.

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  1. We await eagerly to see this magnum opus!

    Especially the dragon. He’s getting saucy ideas already. :D!

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