Random musings

Life has been…. interesting.

Work… I’ve been promoted, I suppose, to being a trainer as opposed to merely a simple email monkey. The job sounds good so far, but I’ll need to see if it comes with an extra paycheque. :p

Gwargh. Need to dl stuff. 🙂

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  • aoi_futaba

    does trainer come with whip and banana ?


  • Congrats on being promoted to a trainer… when you’ll be a supervisor next?

    And please, please oh please change your blog theme!!! I fell off my chair in fright of your frightfully pink theme! Eeeeeyyeeecccch!

  • Ok…nevermind about your blog theme…just saw your Go Pink for October post…

    I’ll just skip on your blog for this month… :p

  • Congrats!!! XD