Truly sickening.

Truly sickening.

This has made me sick to my stomach. What the heck is wrong with so many of these idiots? Yes, I understand the argument, but the money can be channeled in so many other ways; such as for the preservation of the upkeep of the current tourists sites in Malacca (some of them are in horrible condition) to the repairs of the roads of Malacca.

What would a 110m tower of Hang Tuah’s keris accomplish, you tell me? Malacca is perhaps both one of the pride and the embarrassment to some people; on one hand it has a rich history, on another, many of its tourist sites glorify the bygone ages of the non-Malays (aka colonialism). Perhaps the tower would serve 3 purposes; enriching the pockets of those involved in the construction process, tell everyone just *who* is in charge in Malacca (and thereby proving to the world just who exactly is the one who needs a mindset change) and at the same time assuage some people’s insecurity about their size.

All these mindless projects need to be stopped and channelled into something better. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MONKEY. After all, why is there a need to be “monkey see, monkey do”? Surely we have better judgements than monkeys, don’t we?

Of course, with the current people in Parliament and those making judgements for this frivolous project, I kinda doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Truly sickening.”

  1. Can’t believe that I wrote so hideously…

    Okay…edited version…

    You know what made me more annoyed than their proposal to build the stupid reed thin tower?

    Rais’ remarks!

    “We can accept it if the modern structure is a pretty one. Criticism made against the tower that it would affect the beauty of the environment, heritage and tourism demand in the state is baseless,” he said.

    I feel like doing him a favour by choking the life out of the senseless part of his brain!

  2. Well considering im From Europe or closer statet, Denmark.

    The Structuring of new building projects is mere to show the “world” that the economic structure of the country is increasing.

    Just look at the Beijing projects China have going for the olympics.

    Still id agree that the money can be used in way better projects, like for instance in Denmark we allocate 15.000.000dkr (roughly 2.000.000€)
    To health care programmes (ie we have free hospital visits unless its “cosmetic”)
    Wich could be a good idea for alot of people in other countries as well 🙂

    Damn that was abit of a comment 😉


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