Two Outings

Two outings for two days.

The first was for Leo’s/Wild’s birthday party at his house yesterday on Friday. It was rather fun; with Wild crying (A bit) over the Axel figurine some got her, Deru being late, and something like a striptease/half-nude/topless show by Leo. He was wearing a bright red floral bra some of us got him (and yes, that includes me) and a black thong in the same manner of the bra. It was the highlight of the party, but I’m especially happy cause I saw Junjun smiling. That girl was suicidal to the point of trying to kill herself a few days ago with some panadols (20 of them, she said) after her #%^%^%&#@^$^%&@$^#^!!!!! boyfriend left her. Most of us were afraid that she might try it again, so we dragged her out and gave her a good time. It worked; I’ve never seen her laugh so nicely. ^_^

Many thanks to his mom for having us over; I like Auntie very much. She was so sporting that she actually tried to show Leo how to wear a bra properly, and then she even packed the food for Kidchan and Zyzmy, though zymzy said the bihun might have gone bad. It was a good outing, all to say truly. I didn’t realise I’d forgotten how to laugh till my sides hurt and I miss hanging out with Sizer and the others. Sizer’s changed, and yet at the same time, she hasn’t. She’s still the straightforward person I know, but there’s a maturity in her and a caution about her that I’ve never seen before. The party started at 7pm (for me since that was the time we reached there) but it finished at about… 11++? Since we were too busy talking. Parties like those are fun.

Then today… went to the Admiral Cheng Ho Exhibit at the Mines Wonderland since Mom got free tickets.

Did you know that Admiral Cheng Ho (or Zhang He) was a Muslim? (Note: it would explain why the exhibition has been running for so long).

Did you know that he made SEVEN trips to the West, reaching as far as Africa?

Did you know that the Malacca Sultans (including Parameswara) made 4 trips to China, each time to tell the Emperor about the death of their the previous Sultan? (Yes, am suffering from an excess of information)

Before that, we went into Mines Wonderland proper (the Exhibition hall was just outside the Mines Wonderland and we got free tickets to watch the fountain show in Wonderlands) and were a bit late. The Fountain show had just begun, and it was pretty, though very *Visit Malaysia* next year, which was appropriate considering that next year is Malaysia’s 50th independence. Then there was this Cultural Show by the Shanghai Dancing troupe or something… consisting of retirees and other people interested in the art.

Pics of those will be up later after I get them from Dad’s camera. There were also these two cute little girls who I have a pic of, mainly because they were very interested in the camera as I was taking the pictures. One of them was even playing with my hair. KAWAII!!!

And now… I sleep. Well, after I finish another 3 music reviews. 😛

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  1. I’d agree Naoko you doo suffer from and Excess of information 🙂

    All though i had to admit theres some words i didnt understand, sounds like a blast of a birthday party 🙂

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