Bah humbug!

Today’s sermon was about controlling your kids by the way they said putting electronic gadgets in their room is wrong.

Was reading a friend’s blog about this and felt ABSOLUTELY disgusted. Sickened. This, from a so-called Christian? It smacks of a control freak to me as well as someone who doesn’t believe that people can think for themselves.

This is something that’s very often by some pastors and priests in an attempt to seem “Holy” and very “Faithful.” It sickens me, because these priests are often hypocrites. For them… it seems that there’s a subtle idea that you are ALWAYS sinful, you are ALWAYS guilty, and you MUST shun society and live ONLY with the Chosen People to gain salvation. For them, associating with something THEY disapprove is tantamount with associating with the devil.

What the heck is with that? Why can’t these people allow others to make their own decisions? It isn’t just the Christians that are doin this; EVERY religion has it. And they sicken me.

It’s a relationship between YOU and Him/Her/Whatever you choose to call them. WHY should anyone else interfere?

Would you try to force your brother to behave the way YOU want him to be?

This is the reason why I don’t like going to church for Mass. Yes, it’s comforting, but it also makes me uneasy. I’d rather got to the prayer room and simply pray.


2 thoughts on “Bah humbug!”

  1. How very ironic.

    I have often felt this way……for more years than I care to admit.

    The problem is though, thatI have also met priests that symbolized or lived what I believe the true message to be: loving kindness.

    For me, religion is political.

    Spirituality is God.

    Loving kindness cannot exist with judgment.

    Jump over to, to the Open letter to God section (I’m just getting started!). I’d love to see your comments.

  2. I concur, imouto-chan!

    Do you know the verse where Christians are told not to mix with unbelievers and not marry them? I know some pastors who literally take it at face value to mean that we Christians should isolate ourselves from others and make friends and relationships with ONLY our kind.

    Totally disgusts me. Luckily, these pastors were based in the US, and are in the same clique as those “Holy” Republican zealots like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

    Islam is not the only religion that calls for their believers to isolate themselves, Christianity too. Any wonder why I don’t listen to what my pastors or elders say? I rather listen to my own heart and wait to hear the voice of God in the form of my conscience.

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