I hate to say this..

I hate to say this..

But it’s official. My last day at my current company will either be on 13 November 2006 or 14 November 2006. I’ll be moving on (hopefully) to a different pasture soon…

My experiences over the past two days answers the question of whether I would still like to stay with the company or not.

I’d rather not. I love the company (it DOES take care of its employees’ welfare, there’s not a doubt about that) but the job itself? Tiring? Who knows, I may go back one day, but right now, I’m just waiting for the next one to start. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I hate to say this..”

  1. Ah, finally!

    Well, everyone is bound to leave their workplace one or another…unless you’re a Japanese (Japanese companies in Japan expect their workers to stay with them for the rest of their working life! Which is good…if the job doesn’t get to routine and is exciting enough to make you enjoy it after 30 years!)

    All the best in your new work next month…since you’ll be working downtown this time around, guess it’s bye bye to our lunchtime. 🙁 But I’m really glad for you!

    You go girl!

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