Free Speech = Fist?

The right to free speech can be equated to the right punching the air in front of you.

Your right ends when your hand hits my nose.

To that one blogger who seems determined to convert people to his religion by forcing it down their throats: I’d rather live as a kafir than as a Muslim if being a Muslim means being arrogant and stupid.

‘Nuff said.

3 thoughts on “Free Speech = Fist?”

  1. Some people simply refuses to learn and quit. I have nothing but contempt for people like him…if he’s the same infamous four letter freak who calls himself a righteous “Muslim”. He’s definitely not doing the religion any favours!

  2. It’s interesting to see how many people call that right into existence the moment they want an excuse to insult people or say something derogatory.

    On the other hand, if the hand doesn’t hit you on the nose but slaps you awake, it can be a good thing, don’t you think?

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