Of Dreams and Sympathy

Last night and today seems to be “Weird out Dreams” Day for me.

Started off with a dream that I was racing in the International Amazing Race, the Digging through Salt leg in Kuwait. Also was talking with the Cho brothers (yes, I have a mini-crush on them cause they ARE cute!). And then I woke up, wondering what the heck I’d inhaled the night before to get such dreams.

Phase two was even weirder. Was dreaming about L from Death Note, and that I was supposed to hold him cause he had never been held by a girl before. Watch the Death Note trailer for Death Note 2: Last Name, and you’ll see why I felt so sympathetic to him.

To my darling muses

Hey darlings? Stop that, will you? Keeping me asleep during the day is NOT going to do wonders for Nano, you know. I’ll just write even more silly crack.