Chapter 1- Lonely in Gorgeous

Chapter 1 of my Nano project. Yes, I’m not satisfied with this either, so there!

Leaning against the car, the young man in the silk red shirt and long black slacks watched the young women file past him. More than a few gave him discreet glances as they did, with one group gathering at a corner and watching him, giggling all the while. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, and he did nothing to suggest to the nubile young women from the exclusive all girls school that he was looking at them. In fact, he was actually staring at the entrance, and thus was caught by surprise when his mobile phone rang. His hand dove into his slacks pocket, where he took out a sleek, white cased phone and flipped it open after looking at the caller ID for a moment.

“Moshi mosh,” he answered softly, his voice a deep bass.

“Aniki, itta jyan? imouto wa mukae ni iku no wa hitsuyo nai tte. Watashi wa imouto to issho ni iru kara,” he looked up to see a casually-dressed young woman with shoulder length brown hair walking out with “Imouto” , a younger woman, barely in her middle teens, with blond hair the colour of a wheatfield and eyes as blue as the sea. She was chiding him for coming to pick their younger sister up even though she was already scheduled to do so.

The two girls stood in front of him, with the blond girl looking between the man and the brunette. Her brother was quite dashing and almost formal-casual, for he had slung a short office jacket over one shoulder, never losing it even though he had fumbled for the phone. He was also looking mildly annoyed, which, she had known from young, was a look he wore almost constantly when dealing with the middle child, her elder sister. Her elder sister, meanwhile, was definately casually dressed. She wore a blue spaghetti strapped blouse with a short denim skirt and a thin handbag slung over her body, crossing from her left shoulder to the right side of her waist.

The sun and the moon, she thought, stifling an internal giggle.

“Since I’m here anyway, I might as well send both of you home,” he said, straightening up.

“Nope!” his younger sister replied with a twinkle in her eye and grabbing her sister’s hand, “We’re going shopping, and unless you want to carry our shopping again, I don’t think you’ll want to join us.” He narrowed his eyes at that.

“You’re going shopping at Shinjuku again, aren’t you?”

“Nope, heading towards Akihibara,” she was grinning widely.

“Fine, Naoko. Stop by the office before you two go home,” she glared at him, and decided against that. It was better not to provoke him.

“Come on, Imouto! Leave your bag with Aniki!” Naoko, the brunette, did not give her sister a chance to say anything.

He watched the two young women walk out of his sight, the blond head and the brunette talking closely together with occasional giggles. It took him about three seconds to finally realise that they had also left him with the schoolbag. With a wry sigh, he turned and got into the sleek sportscar, throwing the schoolbag carelessly on the passenger seat. Pushing the sunglasses up, he watched through the side view mirror as his sisters turned around the corner and disappearing before he revved up the car and left. The group that had been watching him all sighed collectively.


“Phew!” the two girls breathed a sigh of relief as they heard the car zooming off. “I’m surprised he didn’t try to rebut me just now,” Naoko said, intertwining her hand with her sister’s.

“Yes… too close,” she nodded solemnly, allowing her sister to take her hand.

“Why didn’t you just tell him anyway, lil sis? It’s not like he would have been mad,” Naoko and her sister walked a leisurely pace, heading towards the bus stop. Her sister shook her head.

“You know what Aniki is like when he thinks that someone may be a threat,” she was firm about this.

“Su…” she stopped when her sister glanced sharply at her. Knowing the look in those eyes, she said nothing further. They got on the bus that arrived a moment later, heading for Akihibara.

As they had left the school a little later than planned, this bus was quite empty, with only a few students and one or two random people on board. Just as the girls sat down and the bus was about to move, a man got on. Well-dressed, he sat about two rows in front of the girls, who seemed to ignore him completely. Naoko and Su giggled and made a lot of girly talk, no more than the few students around them. After the bus made it’s turn, the man got up and turned to face the two girls…

Who weren’t there anymore. He looked up and down the bus, looking more than a little bewildered and scaring the rest of the passengers. Sometime at the back of the bus caught his eye, and he ran to the back window, where he looked at the two girls who grinned at him and walked off. A moment later, the bus screeched to a halt and the man got down. As he began chasing them, crossing the road with no thought to his safety, a motorcycle ran into the man. Both fell, and the motorcyclist, an old man gone fully white, got up and grabbed the man before he could run off, making the man help him right his back and giving him a tongue lashing that made the man blanch.

By the time the man had been “released”, the girls had already disappeared and he was alone on the street.