Capping speeds?

A quick browse through some of the more active tech forums in Malaysia (AKA Lowyat) reveals that speed capping by TM is NOT An isolated incident. TM Blames P2Pers for the slow speed, and according to one article, is planning on limiting the upload and download speed so that everyone would have a fairer share of the pie. In my opinion, the only one who will get a better piece of the pie is TM. From what has been proposed, TM is planning to limit people to a limited bandwidth plan, whereby if you use too much within that day, you will go down to 120kB/ps.

Which in my opinion is absolute bullshit. They can’t even give us a 1M connection (for those who are on 1M) and they’re thinking of limiting us further. I don’t do P2P often, and neither does my brother. From what I’ve heard, the main reason for the capping/throttling as they call it is because too many people are BT (bit-torrenting).

Considering that most of the stuff we want are NOT available on the market, you don’t really expect us to fly to places like Japan to get it, do you?

And FYI, according to one article, my Youtube is supposed to be loading faster since they’ve de-prioritized the BT queues. Guess what? My Youtube is so slow, it’s not even funny. Takes about 20-30 minutes for a video to start up.

I’m NOT in favour for limited plans.