First days

First day at work was rather interesting. Had a very quick/tour orientation of Starhill, JW Mariott and how to get from office to HQ. Lots of walking, lots of info, and when I decided to go to sleep at 11.30 yesterday, I was out like a lamp. I had a bit of tieme to slack off a bit, but it made me feel uncomfortable, since blogging and nano-ing look to be forbidden at work. In between though, I had some fun times researching on the events that I was suppose to cover with Bee San. They also believe in working fast; I’m to be on my own on Friday/Saturday already for two events. AIEP!

Second day is still in progress. However, have already typed up the article for yesterday’s event, and am just waiting for the approval for my editor. Am using writely of course, just in case I need to make adjustments… I prefer it over MS Word, especially since I don’t use all the features of MS word anyway. WHEE!