Whiny whiny idiots

Inspired by this. Got the link from Anath of Applegeeks.

Anyone who’s worked in customer service can attest to what she goes through. There are some customers who are just so rude and ill-mannered that they start screaming at you for no reason and DEMAND that you read their minds. Many are simply assholes and lazy people who want the COMPANY to bend over backwards for them, so they make their frontliners (aka people who deal with customers) their slaves. I can’t remember that many customers whom I met face-to-face that was rude (there was this family who seemed to make snide comments simply because I look Chinese but I don’t speak it, so for them I should learn it cause I look Chinese) but over the phone?


It seems that the phone was designed by these people to be rude, impolite, and demeaning.

Take for example that one customer I had. I will remember her simply because *goes into affected accent* “I’m not paying you (the company) for me to monitor my own account.” *points with one finger and nose in the air* “Why should I monitor my account? I didn’t subscribe with you to monitor my account.” *Insert emphasis on italics*


I hated her with a passion, really, I did. Why? Because she requested for her monthly usage to be sent to her, which we did, AND THEN COMPLAINED THAT WE DID NOT SEND IT TO HER. Cause according to her, common sense dictates that you send the summary page of the online usage (as in how many hours total did that person use), not the whole thing. “Who’s got time to count every little detail?” Ms Nose in Air said. Um… Everyone else before you who never made a complaint? Even if they did, they were civil when asking us for a resend? She also kept asking for one of our Managers, who was in charge of the Tech Support groups, NOT customer service. When she asked for him, he was working night shifts AND was on his off day. She insisted that he speak to her only. Didn’t want to talk to any of the other CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE.


I’d like to spam her, but Singapore being what it was, I might get jailed for doing so. Suffice to say that people like those should be made to work in customer service just to teach them a lesson. I know that I’m demanding when it comes to service these days cause I know what can, or cannot be done, but I’m always civil about it.

No need to be rude and condescending, woman. You’re an embarrassment to everyone.

And her UID had the connotation of being pure. HAH!

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  1. And the worst thing is that you can’t even scold her because your conversation might be recorded! I’ve never worked in Customer Service but I always behave myself best when speaking to CS people because I realize they are more willing to help you if you were nice in the first place =)

  2. Ms Nose sounds liek an…


    quote me on that.

    *thx fer giving the opportunity to get it outta my system, really pissed off today*

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