There are times when I wonder if there really is something supernatural in my life.

From a card reading of the Near Future:

Is it possible that you think you won’t receive the love and support you need?

The card in the Near Future position indicates which way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation.

When the Three of Cups falls in this position, a part of you doesn’t believe that you can attract the kind of love you offer to another. Is it possible that you have a double standard you are holding against yourself? You wish to be seen as a person who cares about others and takes care of them, remaining open to the ebb and flow of the needs in your relationship. But what about receiving?

For some reason, you may not expect or ever ask to be taken care of in return. When you come up short after having poured out much love and energy to a partner, ask yourself why you tend to starve yourself. Once you understand that, you can put a stop to this self-undoing tendency. True love requires a two-way circuit of giving and receiving.

I think Ti would be amused and be saying “I told you so.” Palmer too. ._.

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