CF Report (pics in separate post)

Please note that I’m going to sound like a no-brain fangirl.

After the event?
Dead tired.

Emotional state?

And that pretty much sums up my feelings. There were a lot of hijinks here and there, but overall, everyone had a blast. They also remarked that it was a huge improvement from last year (which I think is true.. more people = faster things get done at the micro level, aka selling tickets). Cosplayers this year were not too bad too, though I kinda missed the Yui cosplay (last year’s one was for Fushigi Yuugi, that was a good anime).

So, what happened?

First day:

TICKETING OMG. So many people came streaming in! Crowd control was next to non-existent, but it was for times like this that I’m thankful for my loud voice. Was basically screaming at people to get into line and offer us small change if they had. Then went walking around here and there when I’d sold all my tickets off (or nearly all) and had some photo ops done. Dostan is such a small character, even the OS-Tan world doujin didn’t feature her. *Waaa* I’m so sad that Dostan (the charrie I was playing) did not get enough love. Dimmie commented that it was a pretty good ghetto Dostan, considering that I got my costume fully together about 1.5 hours before the event. Some people say I look like a loli. I say I’m like an old woman trying to look like a loli. ._.

Then there was the buying of doujin. I got myself a lot of Ouran bookmarks, so much love! So much fun to shop and hunt around, and then there was dinner at Asia Cafe, in which I ate lots of sharkfins noodle (which is fake but omg so much heat after the cold? Love). Then went home to sleep… and sleep I did.

Second day:

More cosplaying. Random running around by me and Luc as we got our hair cut, then ran to her house for lunch and she had a quick shower (sorry for asking your maid to iron my shirt lil sis >
I was one of the Hitachiin twins from Ouran. Not really sure which one I was, as Ciel and I were randomly cosplaying. Lots of fanservice too, especially since the boys are known to be biel lover posers. BUT Ciel and I couldn’t keep a straight face while posing… at least not for long. Kept bursting into laughter every 10-20 seconds. XD

The cosplay chess idea turned out to be more fun than anticipated. I especially liked the way Chocolime’s character ran off the stage. Junjun’s Nurse was also pretty good at trying to survive (she tried to seduce Squall but failed, especially since she was supposed to be eaten by the other chess piece). I had so much fun laughing!

The highlight was the IRCFiesta family photo. Really, truly, truly much fun while taking it. And we all went crazy to dancing to “Axel’s Hips don’t lie.”


(Actually there’s more but I’m too lazy to write :p)