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ME AS DOS-TAN! Taken by lab, stolen from Dimmie:

Dostan uses a keyboard interface, remember?

98: Kemu, XP: Onini, Dos: Me


Then there’s the “Ghetto” Ouran photoshoot that I’ll wait a bit longer before putting up. Lemme see if I have any other Dostan piccies!

I didn’t take many photos because I was on duty, and the people I tended to cosplay were a little unknown. So yeah.


9 thoughts on “PICCIES!”

  1. trying 2 spread the love..am enemies w/the bastard now, u see

    and after how he attacked me @ da blog
    he fuckin’ deserves it!!
    u can erase the next message, just do keep a copy fer posterity’s sake
    :dark smile:

  2. ++laugh++

    kay, kay..u can delete it now
    ++batz eyes slowly++
    sorry i went !zzzzaaannng

    but he insulted someone…, so yea :[

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