Annwn, Queen of Water

Because I feel like giving a talk instead of actually writing a story…

Annwn was a character that was born out of necessity two Nanowrimos ago. Basically I needed a Triune to balance out Naoko, Sukina and Kishan, and Annwn and her brother (who was nameless till last Nano) came about. What is Annwn, actually?

Well, she’s a Water Elemental Queen, which puts her at the same rank as Kishan. They’re both Elemental Kings, which means they can control Elemental Spirits. Any higher and they would be Emperor/Empress, which means they control Angels. After Empress/Emperor, they’re considered as Divine Beings. Theorectically, as long as you reach the Queen level, you can become a God/Goddess of the Element, but as the problem with many theories, it is always the practical. After all, what Angel would demean themselves (in their eyes) to be controlled by a mortal?

But that’s a topic I will leave for later. ^_^

As I was saying, Annwn’s a character who has a very different physical build compared to the ones I normally use (aka Naoko and Sukina). For one, you can only describe her figure as luscious. She’s generous where she should be, red wavy hair past her shoulders to the small of her back, always dressed in those fantasy sorceress-type gowns where you can see her cleavage, and it’s very generous. The figure hugging doesn’t stop there. It goes down to where she has a waist that is small, but it’s not unrealistic. Basically, Annwn’s physical template is based on the 1980s fantasy, something like this.

She’s a seductress in the old mold in the sense that people think she’s a mage because of her beauty and seduction, but of course there’s more to her than that. In case you were wondering, she and Ta’Lern were the two people I mentioned in my previous story. It was actually a RP piece that both me and the other person involved felt could be made longer, and I do have his permission to use the story as a longer piece (Don’t I?).

In Past Memories, I know Annwn’s being portrayed as a very simple-minded, almost animalistic child, but the truth of the matter is, she is (what, you expected different?). The Ancillary’s Triune (as opposed to Sukina’s Scion Triune, yes they both have the same meanings) were unlike the Scion, who were very carefully thought out by the Creator. For the Destroyer, the only person he gave much thought to was Anra/Raishan (Raishan is his true name, the name he will assume once he comes into his full powers, if he gets that far. That my Nano calls him Raishan is because among his siblings, they are allowed to use his real name).

This means that Annwn’s and Ta’Lern’s characters were not given much thought by the Destroyer. He only decided to add them in once he saw how powerful the bonds were between Naoko’s, Sukina’s, and Kishan’s first incarnations. He more or less bulldozed Ta’Lern’s and Annwn’s previous incarnations into serving him, hence the darkness. I’m still deciding on the bait.

The Ancillary’s Triune has the ability to tap into their memories from their previous incarnations. This is the reason why Annwn looks and feels so different from her incarnation in Past Memories. She’s grown quite a bit, but what she retains are not the memories of the spells and the like, but rather the memories of her interactions with people. For her, sex is both a validation of what she is and her power over people. Yes, she suffers from a bit of an inferiority complex, but that’s only because the one guy that she’s to marry is also the one guy who will kill her than marry her. No, he doesn’t hate her (the fight between the eldest of the Triunes have always been sexual), but it’s a matter of who seduces who first.

I have not kept a running score of that yet as I’ve not gone that far, but Annwn did not win the last encounter. It crushed her enough that her incarnation this time around is very low on self-confidence, even as all signs point to him being the weaker one this time around. I suppose Kishan feels guilty. All I know was that it was a very bad fight. Neither are telling me anything.

And that is all for the night. Thank you for reading this ramble.