Chapter 1a

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He woke up to find her over him, both hands over the entry wound. The pain was there, but either it was fading or too painful that he had blocked it out. She had her eyes closed, her breathing shallow as she concentrated on his wound. He could feel a warmth spreading out from her hands even though he knew she was not touching him. As he made to get up, someone pressed him down.

“Don’t,” a sweet, melodic voice that could only be described as golden spoke off to his left shoulder, her hand gently pressing his shoulder down. Turning his head only brought his face to her knee, or what looked like a knee covered by a dark-blue fabric patterned with flowers as how a kimono might look like.

“About done, Su… Now!” he saw Xis move back quickly and the hand that had held him down moved over the entry wound.

“Hold still… I need to take the blade out of your wound,” she breathed, and he could feel literally the wound closing up inside his body. It was a slimy feeling, as though someone was dragging out the blade from his wound slowly, an inch at a time. She muttered even more under her breath, and throwing a glance at Xis, he could see that the normally grinning Xis was hanging her head down, looking like a poor dog that had been kicked.

“I’m sorry.” Xis’ voice could barely be heard.

“You should be. There are other ways to do this, sister,” the girl’s voice was nothing short of a sharp rebuke. Xis’ reply was a quiet mumble, which her sister pretended not to hear, preferring to focus on the task at hand.

The process of extracting the blade from his body did not hurt as much as it had been going in. The wounds closing up did though, and when he grimaced, Xis took his hand and covered his forehead with the other and took some of the pain away. He did not feel any pain from the earlier wounds, but this one was hurting.

“It hurts because your body is recuperating from the shock of the stab. My sister was able to stop the damage from spreading, otherwise you might’ve died of shock. It’s a good clean cut though, little sister. At least I don’t have to go through all the organs,” the golden girl seemed to smile.

“Su… I’ve never been a messy cutter. Besides, he’s thin, so cutting along the muscle lines was easy,” Xis turned to him and gave him a watery sigh, noting his temporary look of horror. He did not remember anything else as he found himself drifting off to sleep. Xis gave his hand a squeeze as he did, as though to reassure him.


“What about the rest of them?” Su asked her sister once everyone’s wounds had been treated (including those who were in shock) and were sleeping. She was bandaging a small cut on Xis’ left forearm.

“This kidnapping was unusual. Who would want to kidnap people who would take you longer to train, older, and more rebellious? If it were kids I’d understand,” she winced a little as Su pulled it tight.

“Are all of them trained?” Su tied the knot with a cute little bow.

“Not all. Most have… ouch! Not so hard little sister,” Xis winced, “They have training, but I doubt any of them have been exposed to the Gateways yet. I doubt Interpol would want the news to spread,” she looked up.

“So they’ll probably tell them,” Su looked at the would-be kidnap victims sleeping, “That this was another normal supernatural incident that was foiled and be done with it?” They both ignored the baleful looks from the kidnappers who were tied up like potatoes in a sack nearby.

“Probably. That would be the best bet, I think. Wouldn’t be too much of a culture shock,” Xis nodded.

“I wonder how many Locks are here?”

“At least three,” she pointed them out, including Seo, “If they’re not Locks, I wouldn’t believe that. Whether they know they’re Locks is something else, of course,” Xis grinned, showing off the upper part of her teeth.

“I see. I’ll let the Lady know, sister. Be well,” they kissed each other on the cheek, and Su turned away.

She took two steps and clasped her hands in prayer, bowing her head down. The prayer beads, entwined on her palm, clicked as she clasped. Walking forwards, she disappeared in a single blink.

The door opened three minutes later, as a crack squad burst in. They found a group of people sleeping peacefully, another group tied up like so many potatoes, and a young girl leaning against a box with her arm in a sling grinning at them.

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