Filler Chapter: Happy at Home, Part 1

Wordcount: 137. Will do a full wordcount once I get my password from Nanowriye (Which is the reason why you see me writing this).

He came home to see her getting out of the bathroom. She was drying her hair with a towel, and turned to see him close the door behind him and throwing the bag to one corner. He sat on the couch and laid his head back, proceeding to stare at the ceiling.

Without saying a single word, she sat next to him and held him. He turned into her neck, breathing her scent deeply. Her hug was needed now.

A young boy came out and saw them hugging each other. He went to them and they let go for a moment, letting the boy sit between them. Then they hugged each other again, spending the rest of the evening curled in front of the fire, sharing the warmth.

More importantly, they shared the feeling of being together.