Chapter 2: Tranquility is in short supply

Wordcount: 360. Going to add more details when I’m not so sleepy.

The sun peeked over the horizon. As it did, its soft rays bathed the flowering tree in a gentle glow. A soft breeze followed the rays, scattering the flowers all about. The young woman who stood under the tree took a deep breath in the morning breeze. It was filled with the scent of the flowers; pleasantly sharp.

Closing her eyes, she raised her face to the sun, letting it hit her full in the face. She could feel the sun’s rays on her face, but it was not even warm, just light. The grass felt damp beneath her feet, but it was pleasant. Beneath her hand, she could feel the tree’s rough, gnarled texture. She could hear nothing but the wind, sounding like the waves on the seashore. The wind was chasing now, and the flowers’ scent mixed in pleasantly with the dew-damp grass.

She remained like that for a long time, merely savouring it all through her senses. Her eyes she kept closed till she heard the bells tolling in the far distance.

“Let the insanity begin,” she greeted the sun about half over the horizon with a wide smile and her eyes open.


“I’ll be here at 5 then,” his voice was a deep baritone, one that was quite soothing and manly.

“Thank you brother,” they had reached the school’s gate. She turned and bowed down to him quickly, before waving and running into the compound.
He watched her go. Once she was safely in the compound and surrounded by her friends, he turned to leave. As he did, he could hear a few audible sighs after him. He shook his head, and discreetly glanced down at himself. There was nothing different in what he was wearing today, nor was there anything wrong with his appearance. He suppressed a grin, teenage worship didn’t seem to have changed at all.

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  1. your writing is beautiful and touches the sense of imagination vividly (ps. i love your banner, did you draw that yourself?)

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