Political Musings

Been a long time since I felt this vocal. Mainly, I suppose, reading the news on a daily basis again has more or less reminded me that I do live in this world.

For all those who have not been reading the papers, Bush is insane. Sending more troops into Iraq smacks of a naive belief that more troops will be able to combat guerrilla tactics. Anyone who’s fought with guerrillas will tell you that is suicide. Guerrillas can’t be found easily; that’s why they’ve chosen that method to fight. Their speciality is striking from the shadows, aided by people who are sympathetic to their.

The best way to cut them off is to win the hearts of the people, something that Bush seems not to have noticed. In fact, he reminds me of gamers who believe that sheer numbers will win wars for them. What he seems to have forgotten is that wars won this way come with a very high cost; in a game you don’t have to deal with the families of the soldiers; in real life they can mean the difference between YOUR life and death.

So yes, I do believe that Bush is on a path to self-destruction. However, he may do this because this is his last term in office, so he may think that whatever he does now will not matter to him as he will not be in office. A selfish partygoer? Yes, that describes Bush all right.

Then there’s Malaysian politics which I’ve said nothing so far because I’m concentrating on my work… but I think that there are signs that people are missing. Badawi’s doing his job alright, but he has only had what, three years to put the country together? In this day of a quick solution to all, we expect changes to happen overnight. When it doesn’t, we move on to the next best thing, never waiting.

Honestly, there are some gems to be found in system. If only you looked. I’ll write more about it when I wake up from my sleep.

SAYA SOKONG PAK LAH! YANG LAIN TAK MAU (And yes, I am also referring to few members of his cabinet)