I’m very sorry to have neglected everyone. It’s just that this week has been extremely eventful (both personal and work) and I have not really updated as much as I should have,

Right now, I’m not quite sure of the path I’m on, but with each step I take, and each movement forward, I’m more assured that this may be the path I’m supposed to be on. I know that there will be mistakes along the way, miscommunications that will happen, broken promises (though never broken trust I hope *touch wood*) but always, I have companions I love and trust.

The first few steps were painful and bled my heart, but right here, right now, the blood has stopped flowing. The wounds have closed, and although the scars are still there, they’re a mark of honour, not a mark of pain. The inner wounds we carry are our own to bear, but that doesn’t mean that we should not offer a hand to those who need it. We may have our own answer to our own wounds, but your pain could help heal another, and together, you might just mend each other.

To love is sweet, to be loved, even sweeter. But to love and be loved by the same person, that’s the sweetest of all.

This nonsensical message has been brought to the letters I and C, and by the Number 3.

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