Religious extremism is back

You people out there who keep insisting that National schools foster unity? Here’s one entry to make you think again.

And for your info, I faced the same thing in PRIMARY SCHOOL. The ustaz actually said that Mother Mary had eaten a seed from heaven that made her get pregnant, and there was also something about boils (which I cannot remember).

So yes, there’s a real and valid fear as to why parents are NOT sending their children to national schools.

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  1. Bleh… I’ve lost all confidence in government schools. If I have kids the next time, I’ll ship them of to either a 1) Chinese School 2) International school or 3) boarding schools.

    I’ll most likely opt for all three if I have the dough. First three years in Chinese primary school, the next 6 years at an international school and the rest at a boarding school. 🙂 If only there’s an privately owned Boarding school in Malaysia that’s not a MARA-type asrama.

    Oh well, I can only wish!

  2. I guess things like that really cannot be avoided. For example, now that I think back, I realize that a big chunk of what our teachers advocated back in school was bullsh*t – not all, a big chunk.

    Another example is that my bf, J, was told by his class teacher that it was impossible for him to earn a PhD because “there are many steps involved”. But J is already completing his MSc, and a PhD is just, literally, a few steps away.

    I digressed. But I go agree with Gan (points up) 🙂

  3. I do not see what the fuss is about. Just one guy being an Islamophobe and you start the flames of fire.

    As to the story about Mary eating a seed which made her got pregnant with Jesus (P), that is just plain nonsense. Perhaps you are simply just lying, because no respectable ustaadh will ever make such a silly story which has no basis in the Qur’an and hadith.

    – MENJ

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  5. MENJ: I’m guessing you haven’t met many ustadz. I’ve been in Awal Muharram gatherings in school where the ustadz made racial slurs against those who aren’t Malay (my own race got hit badly). Many others are sadly ignorant of other religions – and even of their own!

    Just because it sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  6. “Just one guy being an Islamophobe and you start the flames of fire.”

    Here’s news bro, she’s not the only one. When in History class back in high school I remember when we touched on World Religions. My history teachers basically spent his time rebutting Christianity, saying the Immaculate Conception is all myth and the idea of a so-called Son of God rising back from the dead is BS. I am not a Christian, but it offended me. As Voltaire said “I may not agree with your beliefs, but I will die defending your right to do so,”.

  7. “I’m guessing you haven’t met many ustadz.”

    Then you are guessing wrong. You are talking to a Muslim activist here. I have met many ustaadh, probably more than the number you will meet in a thousand lifetimes. No one repeated the same BS about seeds and heavens.

    And do not divert the topic, we are not talking about racial slurs. We are discussing this pathetic little lie about Mary (peace be upon her) being conceived with Jesus alaihissalam because she swallowed some “seed from heaven”!

    – MENJ

  8. “My history teachers basically spent his time rebutting Christianity, saying the Immaculate Conception is all myth”

    Every Muslim believes in the Immaculate Conception of Mary, peace be upon her. Whoever your History teacher was, he or she was definitely not a Muslim.

    – MENJ

  9. Ok… that’s enough.

    I will NOT let people insult each other PERSONALLY.

    Menj, guys, let’s just leave it that Menj refuses to believe me, which is his right. We stand by our own experiences, and let us agree to disagree.


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