Because Ti challenged me on my LJ to write a story that did not use any of my existing characters and had to be an original non-fantasy type piece. So I came up with this short piece.

The morning air was crisp.

She knew that even as she opened her eyes in the stuffy room. Snuggled as she was under the warm coverlets, she reached out to find her cell phone. Like many of her friends, her phone was also her watch. The time was just a little after 6 AM. Throwing her blanket off her, she went to her computer, wondering if he was awake already.

He was. There was a flashing icon waiting for her, with the timestamp saying that it had been sent just a few minutes earlier. It brought a smile to her face, and she replied the message. Although it was merely words on a screen, she felt warmed and loved. It was the best part of her mornings; waking up to see him waiting for her, and being able to talk to him. She worried a little about where they were headed, especially since they lived so far away from each other, but they were both content to take things one at a time now.

Their morning conversations often prepared her for the day, and as she rushed around the house, she felt extremely lucky.

After all, a case of requited love is always a good thing, no?