CNY Report

In which I both whine and celebrate the New Year.

Chinese New Year is traditionally a festival for gorging oneself. For singles and young children, an opportunity to get money from their relatives. This year’s CNY for me stands out because of several reasons:

1. It rained
Now, for as long as I can remember, it has NEVER rained on Chinese New Year. It has rained after, or the day before (though mom and second auntie say that it isn’t so) but this year, for the FIRST TIME, it rained on the day of the first day of Chinese New Year. Global warming is everywhere I tell you.

2. Angpaus
a. Angpau collection this year that was more generous than usual.

b. Having a uncle make a very insensitive and jealous-sounding remark doesn’t help, simply because I used my brains to get the special red packet and no one else caught up on it.

3. Getting unexpected surprises
Saw some relatives I’d not seen for a long time and getting a reload unexpectedly. Sayang, I love you.

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