Male hands

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Her kisses made him feel drunk.

Her lips, he thought as he kissed her again, were wet and smooth, yet sweetly textured like a fruit that one can never have enough of. The kisses they shared were the innocent kind; the sweet ones where kisses played on the lips. She had a hand on his cheek, caressing him. The other was around his waist, holding him close. He had both arms around her, one on the shoulder and the other around her waist. He had not realised that it was easy to be seduced by kisses.

Especially if you were in love with the person you were kissing.

He broke off their kiss for a moment.

“What was that?” he asked her, breathless. She smiled at him tenderly.

“It was just a kiss,” she pulled his head towards her, kissing him again, but that was not what he was asking. Since when had he fallen for her? When had this sweet, intense feeling taken over him?

He slid his hands under her as he lay half on top of her body. This felt right and natural to him. Although he knew that this was his first time holding someone like this, it felt good. He was more occupied with the lips of the girl below him to think any more than that though. She was warm and he wanted her heat. As he nuzzled her neck, he could feel her relaxing completely. She trusted him fully, and he knew at that point in time, that she loved him as much as he did her.

After a little while, he stopped kissing her, raising himself on his elbows to look down on her. The quizzical look on her face said it all. He smiled and shook his head, bending down to capture her lips once more. Somehow they moved, and when they did, he found himself between her legs, pressing against her, and she with a mysterious smile on her face. His voice shook as he asked, and she simply smiled. They were doing more than just sweet kisses now, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Just as she reached for him, he heard someone calling his name.


“Seo?” she looked worried for him, wiping his brow with a cold towel.

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  1. Not bad. But from my experience, there’s no such thing as kissing for a long time and just…mouth to mouth…for guys….if you know what I mean πŸ˜›

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