As the titles suggests, I’m offering my services as a beta reader/editor. This is both because I am bored and I need some extra cash. ^_^

All works sent will be credited to the original owners and I reserve the right to reject any works sent without my approving.

This is how you submit (comments first, then email said docs to AT gmail DOT com):

Assignment for: [Insert Subject]
Wordcount: [Insert word]
Format: [Referencing style]

Every 500 words is RM10 and prices vary accordingly. Please allow me 2-3 days to receive your doc and to read through. I will NOT change anything in your essay nor rewrite it for you, but I will put in suggestions and additional info as I see fit.

If you need it extra fast, ADDITIONAL CHARGES WILL BE INCURRED. (This can be either via food, money, or some such equivalent). All payment will be done online. ^_^

If you have any questions or if this is illegal, feel free to drop me a line. Thank you for your time.

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