April Flash Fics (Fanfiction)

I’ve only watched till episode 29 (Blood+), so please forgive me if this seems a bit OOC. Takes place during the pre-Diva days.

Challenge: 4A
Title: Rainy Cello
Author: Naoko
Series: Blood+
Rating: G
Wordcount: 275
Spoilers: None, I think.

Hagi was wet.

Saya was dry.

Hagi’s face was impassive, but his eyes spoke volumes. Volumes that Saya either chose to ignore, or remain oblivious to. She was, after all, still not too used to human emotions, but she had had enough experience in directing servants. Having given instructions to the servants with regards to their clothing, she took the towel from the servant’s hands and gently wiped Hagi’s face, treating him like the little brother she had grown up with. That servant retrieved the umbrella Hagi had used to protect Saya from the rain, and then left the two of them alone.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, but they were warm inside. Saya sat Hagi down on the chair and dried his hair, displaying unusual tenderness. When she had dried his hair, she left the now-wet towel on his shoulders and went to the window. Hagi stood up.

“Saya? What’s wrong?” his voice was husky.

“Why did you choose to protect me from the rain?” Saya was not used to acts of kindness.

“I did not want you to get wet.”

“I see,” she kept staring out the window. The rain was a gloomy time, but she and Hagi would often practise his cello in the rain. “Play for me, Hagi,” it was not a request.

“If you wish,” he turned to get his cello.

“Wait!” Hagi stopped at her words. “Go change your clothes. I don’t want you to drip all over my floor,” even after all these years, Saya was still a little abrupt with him.

“If you wish,” he left her.