Testing MeeboMe!

Meebo is a service that I would recommend to anyone who is using their IM services just for IM-ing and not for transferring files (you’d be better off with the original client or Trillian if you have AIM, Y!Messenger, etc). It also helps circumvent the usual ban most places like colleges and offices put on IM clients, by being based solely in the browser, and doesn’t pop up like the web versions of MSN and AIM. However, IT-savvy depts might block the ports/IP addresses of Meebo.

If you want to talk to me, just drop me a line in the little “Meebo Me” widget on the right hand side of this blog. Enjoy your stay!

2 thoughts on “Testing MeeboMe!”

  1. Just thought I’d pop this little fact into here, but if your contact lists are TOO large, it’ll take quite some time for Meebo to load, and your computer will freeze.

    So you whilst you may want to use Meebo for chat clients you use less, I wouldn’t suggest it if you have a HUGE contact list.

  2. Hmm… not really.

    Meebo does take some time to load on a slow computer, but it rarely hangs. I have about 170++ ppl on my MSN and about half that number on AIM, but it used to load on my Portable FF on my old company’s comp (128MB ram, running WinXP) just fine.

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