Sugar-induced post

BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!! I finally have a script idea for Animax thanks to DMJewelle, and let me just say… PHEAR MY SUGAR HIGH!!!!!

Seriously, last night it was bubble tea, this morning it’s Milo + coffee. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And yes, it will star the cast of CF-ers. And we all know what insane full of crack kind of people they are. *Evil cackle* Should I also have a “Sugar-Induced” Category? *Looks at her categories aka tags*

And for those who are interested…


Divine Beings:

Hentai God- Rylands (no website pulak, and he’s the boss of the IRC channel!)
Yaoi Goddess – Zymz (who is also selling doujin btw)
Typo God- Hisashi (who needs more crack)

The rest I shall keep under wraps until after the contest. Will most likely start writing it tomorrow, when my brain has finished its cycle of “Insane Setting/Plot ideas now it’s time to actually WRITE.” ^_^

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