VENUE: HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara. (Kuala Lumpur)
TIME: 11.00AM TO 5.00PM.
RM10 per entry
RM8 for for early bookers

HELP University College is proud to announce that we are having an event called “C2AGE” (Cosplay, Comic, Anime and Games Convention) here in our college. This event is entirely by fans for fans which its purpose is to change the mindset of people towards the whole subculture – the very essence of cosplay, comic and anime.

As this is our first of such an event in KL or to be more precise Damansara (map aboved), we hope that you are able to attend the event to show support for this interest which is widely growing within our society and to prove that it is an educational yet exciting hobby to explore.

With warmest regards,
C2AGE Committee. XD (see we’re supporting the Code Geass Rebellion. C.C! 8D)
HELP Matriculation Centre
HELP University College

It is formed by a small group of fans in college (and I mean seriously small). This idea came out randomly as we thought that a convention shouldn’t be entirely too big like GACC or Comic Fiesta. It is to raise awareness and educate people of the fundamentals of Cosplay, comics and anime and as well as just being there having a fun time while mingling with one another. XD

As this is our very first, we aim to make the event pleasant and enjoyable. Nothing too fancy or competitive thus we need you.

Ticket bookings is now open! Please e-mail to c2agecosplay@gmail.com to obtain the required details. RM8 for early bookers. Tickets sold on the spot will be priced RM10. It is limited for the FIRST 80 TICKETS. CLOSING DATE: 29TH APRIL 2007.

More details here.

Who’s coming?

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