Wake up call

That title is a pun on three accounts simply because:

1. The blogger who always wakes me up by portraying himself as holier than thou has done it again

2. The subject matter IS about the morning azan call

3. It’s a wake up call to reality that bigots who insist on their way are getting dangerously loud in Malaysia

What’s happened is that he’s complaining about DAP asking the azan to be lowered a little because it could disturb the sleep of children and those working in shifts. Now while the Muslims have a right to the azan, it could also be said that Christians also have the right to call their people to Mass by using the church bell. However, the Church bell has been silenced in recent years.

If, as you say, Islam is truly a moderate religion, why can’t we have our Church bells ringing as loud as yours?

Oh yes, it’s because WE’RE NOT MUSLIMS, and we’re Kafirs who should be treated as less than second citizens because we do not subscribe to your brand of belief that anyone who is not Muslim DESERVES to be treated like second-class citizens. And that anyone who does not follow you, follows the devil because there is no room in Islam to question the religious practices.

Oh, and taking potshots at Christianity? Just like a hypocrite who wants to blame others for his problems and refusing to look within himself and his own religion to see what the rot is and what he can do about it.