Chapter 8a

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Naoko took a deep breath before beginning to explain.

“The shapeshifter attacked me three days ago in a public area. It was brought down by the Interpol Special Unit agents on the scene and then taken for questioning. It revealed that the attack was instructed by a woman named Lehrjahre. We were unable to track her down based on the information provided by the creature. What we were able to discern was the woman in question served the Destroyer. According to the creature, the woman had all the pre-requisites, down to the tattoo around her navel. I have reason to believe that the woman in question is none other than Mika Mignon, one-time High Priestess of the Destroyer.”


“Lehrjahre is the name of the story upon which the opera Mignon is based on. It’s a very specific World name,” Naoko explained. “Mignon must know that either us or the Foxholes were present on that world. She chose that name deliberately, knowing that we would have resources to make the necessary connection.”

“Mignon would not announce her presence unless she was ready to move.” The Lady looked thoughtful.

“A mature and fully in her powers Mignon would not have. A brash and desperate for her Lord’s attention might, but only with provocation. Annwn might have encouraged her,” Sukina mused. For a brief moment, both girls looked at the door leading to their brother’s room.

“More than might. I would say that it’s a certainty. Annwn would not have taken the initiative on her own though.” Naoko was getting to her feet. The Lady leaned back in her chair, while Kishan came out of his room, pulling one of the the long sleeves of his turtleneck sweater up. A series of plain glass bracelets adorned his right hand.

“If Annwn is awake and provoking Mignon, then Ta’Lern is definately awake, or close to it,” Sukina stood up, pushing her hair back from her shoulder.

“That would still be no justification for Mignon showing herself personally,” Kishan noted, opening the curtains to reveal a beautiful night skyline outside their apartment. Sukina caught a glimpse of gold under the sleeve of his left hand. She said nothing.

“If she was recently awakened, then she would have taken a direct part,” Naoko mused, turning to face the window. “It would have been part of her initiation, along with losing her virginity to him if she was a Maiden of the Temple. If not, the “leading your troops into battle” requirement still applies. She would have to lead her troops into battle at least once before she could ascend as Head Priestess.”

“And we’re the easiest targets?” Sukina asked as Kishan moved away from the window to corridor, watching the door.

“We’re the most difficult to find.” Naoko said as the window facing the city shattered and intruders invaded the living room.

The invaders seemed surprised to see that the ladies were ready for them. As soon as they were inside the apartment, Naoko attacked them, knocking one invader out with a chop to the neck before moving on to the next. Sukina, meanwhile, stood in front of the Lady, looking deceptively relaxed. At the corridor, Kishan removed one bracelet from his hand, never taking his eyes off the apartment door. When the door burst open, he threw the bracelet at the door, which was suddenly consumed by fire. The fire spread to engulf the invaders bursting through the doors, who had hoped to take them unawares.

“That was a nice fight.” Naoko stretched. All around them were unconscious bodies, though one or two were dead.

“Very.” Sukina answered, examining one combatant. Kishan was piling the bodies from the front door to the lift of their penthouse.

“It’s time to leave, Children. I think we don’t have much time,” the Lady wrinkled her nose at the stench.

“I’ll call someone to clear this up,” Naoko reached for the phone.

They were soon gone.