6 Weird things Meme

And here I thought I’d escaped it. XD Tagged by Fida (Sorry it’s late!):

1. I only cook proper food (aka NOT instant noodles) when I’m on a long break from work/college; more than 3 days. Then again, considering half the things I cook, it may not be such a bad thing if I’m cooking only a few times a year.

2. I have a rather strong stomach. I don’t get food poisoning, I get diarrhea instead. Whee~

3. My first non-straight fiction was incest yaoi. Which has become a theme now. Oi.

4. I cannot live without music for more than a few days (As in no music at all). That’s why I love MP3 players. It’s just the sound that comforts me.

5. The urge to write hits me when I’m at my busiest aka work to finish and what not. Which isn’t too bad, if it weren’t for the fact that the girls all DISAPPEAR WHEN I NEED THEM TO! OI!

6. I have a lot of characters, but a number of them are active muses:

Sukina & Naoko – Main muses
Naoyo and Serulina – Mother of main muses, dead in stories. Also known as my erotic muses aka they write erotica and no, they are NOT lesbians… I think.
Angela- Non-fiction stuff.
Kishan, Ta’Lern and Annwn – replaced Karen as the action muse.

… What happened to my calm headed muses?

Tagging whoever wants to be tagged…

3 thoughts on “6 Weird things Meme”

  1. They say: “Sanity is overrated.” I tend to agree.

    I sympathize with # 5. I get these GREAT ideas while working but the moment I get home to start writing, my mind is as blank as a school classroom on summer break.

    Hang in there, girl.

    P.S. Is your cooking that bad? Is that why your stomach naturally evolved to just get diarrhea? 😛 *Flees*

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